April 23, 2006

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Clumps & Tadpoles

secondary tadpoles

This patch of lunar sea is full of tadpoles, most swimming south (toward the top of the image). The tadpoles have elongated bodies, some with tapering tails. Others are close-packed depressions. At the bottom left, top left and middle right are clumps of other bowl-shaped depressions. And scattered everywhere over this sea are small black shadows that indicate more tiny pits. The tadpoles and clumps and probably many of the small pits are secondary craters. The widths of the biggest tadpoles are about 750 to 1000 m and this area is about 300 km away from the souce crater. This completes three days of secondary crater variations - all from the same primary. To see where this area is and what the source crater is click here. Surprised?

Chuck Wood

Technical Details:
A camera onboard a spaceship.

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