April 2, 2012

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Interrupted Chain

image by Antonio Lasala García, Morata de Jalón, Zaragoza, Spain

I have often called Endymion with its dark, mare-filled floor a skating rink, but with a good image such as Antonio's the three craters at the northern end (and a 4th more faint one) plus others are seen to dot the floor, creating obstacles for the unwary skater. V-shaped rays point back to their likely source crater Thales. Harder to see is a line of craters from Endymion's upper right rim towards a crater at the 2-oclock position. These white rimmed secondary craters are radial to their apparent source, the Imbrium Basin. What is remarkable is that two or three craters of the chain cut a canyon across the middle of the rim facing us. The entire chain of secondaries cut both rims and probably Endymion's floor. But lavas erupted on to the original floor, after the Imbrium collision, burying the middle part of the secondary chain. The Clementine image below shows a somewhat vertical view of Endymion with a white line drawn offset below the secondary chain.

Chuck Wood

Technical Details
2012-03-30 18:34 to 18:41 UT. Telescope: Newtonian 254 F/29 + camera: Basler acA640-100gm + filter: r25

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