October 29, 2006

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A Skating Rink with Bumps

image by Bruno Daversin, France

Endymion is a broad (125 km wide), flat-floored crater in the northeast quadrant of the Moon. It is generally considered to be pretty bland, but that is partially because it lacks detail as normally imaged. But Bruno’s two year old image, newly reprocessed with the new version of IRIS, reveals far more craters than the four well known ones on the northern part of the floor. I see about 75 small pits, some on bright V-shaped rays that are just barely visible here but more conspicuous on the higher Sun Clementine images. Very low ridges cross the floor diagonally, and a hardly noticeable crater cuts the far wall making a miniature Sinus Iridum bay. And near the bottom left edge of the image is a ball-bearing concentric crater.

Chuck Wood

Technical Details:
Sept 1, 2004. Ludiver Observatory 600 mm (24″) Schmidt-Cassegrain & B&W webcam. Bruno notes that the new reproccessing has doubled the resolution compared to his processing two years ago!

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