April 12, 2007

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Ring the Bell II

image by Paolo R. Lazzarotti and T. Olivetti

This is a repeat of the June 8, 2006 LPOD - re-enjoy!

In my organization we ring a bell when we achieve a great goal. Paolo Lazzarotti and T. Olivetti should fire a cannon, for their series of images from Bangkok are among the best views of the Moon ever achieved from Earth; their latest of northern Humorum keeps raising the bar. And this LPOD version is just a half size view of the original image! This image is full of sharp details, including the many rilles in Gassendi, the straight and squiggly rilles to the west and, as Paolo wrote, the “starry” Humorum mare filled with hundreds of craterlets. In fact, a detailed comparison with a Lunar Orbiter IV photo reveals that the Bangkok image captures virtually all of the small mare pits seen from orbit. This LPOD image also indicates that a feature just north of Gassendi J that appears as a mare ridge on Lunar Orbiter IV may be a small rille. Who would have thought Bangkok would be such a fruitful observing location! And at least one more booming cannon is promised!

Chuck Wood

Technical Details:
10 April 2006, Gladio 315 Lazzarotti telescope (f/25), Lumenera Infinity 2-1M camera, Edmund Optics G filter IR blocked, 390 frames stack out of 2000.

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