April 11, 2007

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Moon Sea

image by Stefanos Sofologis, Larissa-Greece

It’s an odd thing to submit a photo for LPOD without a piece of moon in it. In this case the moon is everywhere, reflected by the calm waters of the Aegean Sea. Well, at least its photons are, representing the glorious full-moon of the 11th of June 2006, after they left our satellite little more than a second before. That night a small group of amateur astronomers gathered on a hill above Ayiokampos (central Greece ) to enjoy this superb moon-rise over the sea. After so many times of meticulous observations of craters and rilles it becomes necessary to leave the eyepiece and appreciate the beauty of whole picture. This same hill offers its sky to our telescopes sometimes in the summer, not a very dark sky, but always full of strong impressions of beauty and serenity, always rewarding…

Stefanos Sofologis

Note from CAW: My wife and I leave for Nicaragua early this morning and return late the 19th. Perhaps I’ll be able to repeat some classic LPODs, or perhaps you will have this wonderful Moonrise for 10 days!

Technical Details
11 June 2006. Canon PowerShot G6, 15sec at f/4, ISO100.

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