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Hello to all, my name is Fabio and i live in Pegli - Genoa Italy. I was born in Imperia, the city of my dreams!!

My studies&Jobs: Secondary school with a specialization in Informatics and electronics,Degree in Computer Science my specialisation is in "Neural Networks and biomedical imaging". After the degree i have done some consultancy on the Istituto Nazionale per la ricerca sul cancro of Genoa "Cancer research Institute".

My passion for astronomy was born when i was young. Only starting from 2001 i had the opportunity to buy a telescope and so began a new trek!! (......... now i have four telescopes )

My interest to the astronomy is dedicated to enjoy me, and hopefully others that have my same passion. I like all guys that share knowledge and i try to give all my experience to all that requires mine

My images at (Astronomy)