September 9, 2006

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Eclipse of Uranus

Dennis Simmons, Brisbane, Australia

Please find attached some images of the recent occultation of our Moon by Uranus. The composite image of the correctly exposed lunar limb and the several discs of the approach of Uranus shows an apparent curved path of Uranus. This had me stumped as the ‘scope was locked onto Uranus and the Moon gradually crept into the field of view. However, when I created the composite image, I used the lunar limb as a stationery reference and copied/pasted the series of Uranus’ discs into the image using reference frames from the series of avi’s used to record the occultation. The other image is a 3 pane collage of various images taken for the occultation. I hope you may be able to find a use for them on LPOD.

Dennis Simmonds

Technical Details:
8 September 2006. C9.25 + Phillips ToUcam 840K.

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