September 7, 2007

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Great Globular Moon

globes from 1-World Globes

I was at Adler Planetarium in Chicago yesterday and saw one of the large (6′?) Hayward globes of the Moon. It is mounted on a wall with the entire visible side dispayed in relief - this sculpture was dated 1940. It made me think of other large lunar globes, and by chance I just received some links to online globe vendors. I discovered these two globes. The bigger image is of a 16″ diameter outdoor globe, with a light inside. I’ve always thought that an illuminated lunar globe would be the most magical thing imaginable (and the Wright globes are) but this one is somewhat disappointing, especially with the too dense network of coordinate lines (and the extra seams where the segments meet) and the overly large US and Soviet flags to mark landing sites. Still, at $293.20 (a strange price!) it is comparable to other backyard lights, and much more interesting - it would look great on my back porch. However, there is a warning on the website: This globe features labeling in Latin! The second globe shown is giant - it is available in diameters of 6′ to 10′ and is a vinyl balloon made of polyvinylchloride (PVC) fabric made with a UV inhibitor to keep it from fading. The quality of the digital printing looks very good, and filled with helium the floating ballon would be a remarkable addition at a science center. And at $2030 to $3110 the price is much lower than most museum exhibits.

Chuck Wood

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