September 6, 2014

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Rille Tour

image by William PELLISSARD, Toulouse (France)

As soon as I saw the rilled floor of Daniell I knew this would be an excellent image. In fact, in this area of the Moon excellence can almost be measured by the number of rilles seen, although many are not difficult objects. The latter includes the T-ending at the north of G. Bond Rille at upper right, and the family of broad-floored rilles in and near Chacornac. The real treasure house of rilles is within Posidonius, with the prize being the hyper-sinuous rille that hugs the northern wall, then strikes out straight across the smooth lava floor, and then cuts to the southwest wall, which it follows (in shadow here) until it reaches the low spot of the western rim where it may have deposited lava onto Mare Serenitatis. Other linear and curved rilles of different sizes slice through the higher floor on the east side of Posidonius. One more very delicate rille of historic importance is just visible near the south-eastern corner of Le Monnier. This short rille was visited by the Lunokhod 2 rover, and is the only lunar rille (other than Hadley) seen from the ground. Two other oddities are that the Luna 21 landing craft contains a small statue of Lenin, and both Luna 21 and the rover were bought at auction 21 years ago by Richard Garriott.

Chuck Wood

Technical Details
2014/08/14 à 02:01.45 TU. Réalisé avec un Celestron 14 à F/20, Barlow Barcon 2X, filtre rouge, caméra IDS UI 3240-NIR à 60 FPS. Empilement de 654 images sous AS!2 et traitement Registax 6.

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