September 4, 2009

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Miyamori Two

image by Computer Physics Lab

Someone who only identifies themself as Computer Physics Lab sent this image and text: Yesterday night, 2009-09-04, I took some videos of Grimaldi crater on the Moon. I could visually spot a long shadow reaching the limb, and I don't know where it comes from, or which peak is casting it. Here is a set of two pictures taken this night through my 6-inch telescope. One was taken using a webcam, and the other using a point-and-shoot camera. Very near to the shadow there is a crater chain aligned to the shadow. I don't know if they could be related to the shadow in someway... This is apparently an independent re-discovery of a feature that has been sporadically observed for decades and is described in the December 8, 2008 LPOD, which ended with a pleas for better quality images. Today's images are remarkable because they show the shadow under lower lightening than in the previous LPOD, and because of the pulling of the telescope tube through a rubber band to acquire smooth tracking without a real mount. And in answer to CPL, I don't think the crater chain is related to the shadow feature.

Chuck Wood

Technical Details
I think the date was probably Sept 3, rather than Sept 4.

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