September 3, 2012

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Not the Mare

image by Stefan Buda, Melbourne Australia

I like Humboldt, the crater, because it is so hard to see but is so interesting. Stefan has captured it with low lighting that emphasizes the central range of peaks and the suggestion of a domed floor. Meuarements with the QuickMap Path tool show that the center of the floor - not the peaks - is up to 600 m higher than the edges. Some of the radial and concentric rilles are visible, as is the southwestern patch of mare lava. Tomorrow will be another, previously unseen view of this complex floor-fractured crater.

Chuck Wood

Technical Details
13:11 UT, 01 Sep 2012. 405mm Dall-Kirkham with DMK21AU04 camera and red filter. Four panel mosaic. Processing with Registax6.

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