September 27, 2020

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Come Out On the Balcony for a Better View

Originally published March 23, 2011 LPOD-Mar23-11.jpg
image by K.C. Paul, Hong Kong

K.C. continues to astonish with his high resolution, near terminator images taken from a balcony in Hong Kong. This picture really needs to be examined at 200% to detect all the wonderful detail. It is centered on Lambert and its ghost crater neighbor, R. The most spectacular feature is the famous young lava flow - bottom left - that powers into the center of Imbrium from Mons La Hire. Roughness along the terminator marks other young lavas. A straight edge of a mare ridge stretches from La Hire to Lambert. A similar trending linear feature bounds part of the lava flow to the left, and another parallel ridge is even further to the left, just where the flow narrows. What forces controlled the alignment of these three lineaments is completely unclear. A second remarkable feature captured here is near the bottom right corner. Look closely to see a wiggly rille that cuts a low ridge. Look above to see another piece of the Draper Rille. A final example of detail rendered exquisitely here are the elongated chains of secondary craters along the bright rays from Copernicus. Volcanic rilles and flow, tectonic ridges, and secondary crater chains - what a wondrous image!

Chuck Wood

Technical Details
March 14, 2011; 11h56m. 10" reflector + 2.5X barlow + DMK camera.

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