September 26, 2014

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Mystery Region #2


~275 km wide image by Rafael Benavides

Here is another anonymous part of the Moon; at least it appears to be, just looking at it. But it does contain two named craters and part of another named crater and part of a named smooth area. It may be fun to try to find where this is on the Moon, but it is also interesting to look at it without any prior knowledge that comes from knowing the location. It is an area at an irregular boundary of light hued smooth plains and more textured terrain. There are a few smallish fresh craters (5 to 20 km diameter) but others that have had parts of their walls destroyed so that the former existence of some is uncertain. One thing that I had never noticed before is the collection of saucers, like those on the floor of Ptolemaeus, near the upper left edge of the image. This shows that the light-hued material flowed like a liquid, covering over the craters that were originally there, but the material was not deep enough to totally erase traces of the rims. Where is this place? What do you think this light material is, and why is it located here? You might want to look at a broader view to understand the regional circumstances. Since Patricio Leon was the first person to identify the previous mystery spot, he can not respond to this until Friday afternoon!

Chuck Wood

Technical Details
Celestron 11 + Barlow 2x + IR Pass Filter + and DMK 21 camera. It was processed with Registax 4.0 and Astroart 4.0.

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