September 24, 2016

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A Previously Unimaged Crater

Originally published October 11, 2006

image by Damian Peach

Maybe it has been imaged before - as the center of attention, not in a broad field of view - but I’ve never seen the photo. La Perouse is one of a relatively large number of limb craters that are not often observed and are even harder to identify. La Perouse is limbward of Langrenus in a seldom seen area. At 77 km in diameter it is typical complex crater with terraces, central peak and relatively flat foor. It is a larger version of Kapteyn, another rarely identified crater at bottom left. La Perouse is a fairly fresh crater - although it does have a later impact on its floor - but the Clementine high Sun view shows it has no ray system and thus is probably more than a billion years old. Damian’s oblique look from Earth nicely shows the slumped terraces and a significant scarp at the top of the eastern wall. This is probably another steep place on the Moon.

Chuck Wood

Technical Details:
A few days ago…, 9.25″ Schmidt Cassegrain. Lumenera LU075M CCD camera. South up.
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