September 24, 2008

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Edging Along the Limb

image by Damian Peach, U.K.

At the top edge of yesterday's LPOD was a section of a showpiece of a crater, too poorly located to usually be well seen. But Damian has produced a fantastic image. Drygalski is a huge Copernicus-like complex crater, nearly twice the diameter of Copernicus, but more than twice as hard to see, being right at 90°W longitude. Can you image how dominating it would be if Drygalski were at Copernicus' prominent position near the middle of the Earth-facing lunar hemisphere? It would have been seen by Galileo and perhaps named The Eye of God. There have been previous excellent LPOD images of Drygalski, but not at this scale. We can see that the inner rim is smoothed somewhat to the left and battered with craters on the right - it is an older crater than Copernicus. Still, a memorable sight.

Chuck Wood

Technical Details
August 5th, 2007. C14

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