September 21, 2021

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Full Mounts

Originally published November 22, 2011 LPOD-Nov22-11.jpg
image by Philippe Tosi Pic du Midi, Pyrénées

Full Moon is mostly not completely full. At the time around full the terminator slides around the limb so that shadows are cast someplace. For the recent full Moon the shadows were thrown by the south polar mountains that make part of the rim of the South Pole-Aitken Basin. Inside the basin rim, almost at the limb is shadow-filled Drygalski with its central peak peeking out. And behind, to its right, is the completely shadowed Ashbrook, of Sky and Telescope fame. Staying behind, this time Bailly on the right, is Hausen, whose far rim rises into the Sun. You are on your own to find Cabeus on the left (but look for a peak with a pit on its side).

Chuck Wood
48 yrs ago today a photo shoot had been scheduled and reluctantly we did it, grim faces and all - see S&T, January 1964, p 6.

Technical Details
C.14 with skynyx 2.1 M camera and 742 nm filter; processed by Registax 6 and Photomatix 4.1 pro with détails enhancer of tone mapping.

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