September 18, 2013

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Pointing To the Problem

image by DANIKXT, Madrid, Spain

Everyone knew a disaster was looming when the contrail failed to support the Moon.
The bypassing invisible small black hole continued to draw our beloved Moon - including the Chinese crew there - away from Earth. (Henrik Bondo)
The high tech syntetic spiderweb ejected from the plane was enginered to resist the incredible gravitational pull of the Moon but it only left it with another scar, larger than the Rheita Valley. (Peter Rosén)
Earth scientists, eager to capitlize on the opportunity to witness dark matter at work, watched with glee as the Moon got smaller and smaller. (Mike McCabe)
This led to a heated debate among science, press, and theology as to when and if the Moon would gain status as a planet. (Howard Eskildsen)
Locals, tourists, reporters, photographers, and scientists gathered at the Bay of Fundy with every type of camera – personal, professional, disposable and expensive, digital and non – to document the effect of the Moon's position on the tides. (Meri Cummings)
As the receding Moon weakened its tidal grip, Earth started wobbling in an uncontroled way, one day could last 31 hours and the next just 17 or even less.
The collapse of the international banking system that was dependent on universal and reliable split second transactions is believed to have triggered the sudden and unexplained downfall* of civilisation. (Peter Rosén)

  • Some theories state that it was the collapse of Facebook and Google.

Chuck Wood and others to be added

PARTICIPATION NOTICE: Usually when LPOD features an image like this the text is a short scifi story but tonight (Tuesday evening) I don't seem to be very creative so I've written a first sentence of a possible story and invite any of you to contribute a subsequent sentence to advance the story. Please submit only one sentence to move the story along. I will add the sentences - based on the time stamp of each email - throughout the day on Wednesday so that the text will evolve and hopefully come to a surprise ending after 8-10 sentences. Let's see what happens.

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