September 16, 2018

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Originally published July 4, 2009 LPOD-July4-09.jpg
image by Courtesy Cornell University/Smithsonian Institution with names added by CAW

Over the last 40 years radar pulses have been bounced off the Moon to produce images of ever greater resolution. This mosaic is the index of the largest high resolution radar data yet acquired. It is about 60,000 by 60,000 pixels in size and maps at 20 m resolution the region from just beyond the South Pole to this side of Moretus. If this looks familiar it is because it is an extension of previously released System of Lunar Craters</em>. This is quite difficult for the designations are based on what seems prominent as seen from the Earth and usually at low Sun angles. Some of the features do not appear to warrant letters based on this image, but they often appear OK when seen on good Earth images. This is a good example that nomenclature assignments should not be based on any single image! Thanks to the unrelated Don Campbell at Cornell and Bruce Campbell at Smithsonian for releasing this great resource!

Chuck Wood

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