September 14, 2014

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We Never Went To the Moon?

Apollo 15 image from LRO (NASA Goddard/Arizona State University). Lunar Rover Vehicle and its tracks

It is indisputable, to any rational person, that we went to the Moon. But read this account from an LPOD contributor:
I write to share a recent surprising, and to some extent rough, experience I had giving a talk about the race to the Moon to a community audience. I made my best effort to illustrate all programs involved (Vostok, Mercury, Gemini, Ranger and so on) so as to give a clear timeline of this enormous effort. What surprised me was that the questions at the end of the talk where not questions at all, but accusations about the NASA hoax: fake photos, deleted fragments of communications, lunar bases sights, even a near miss of an Apollo and a soviet craft on lunar orbit! I know the arguments to counteract these silly beliefs but the people who emit them are not interested in scientific facts; their beliefs are dogmas that admit no discussion (dialogue of the deaf). So I would greatly appreciate your advice on how to respond to this sort of ignorant questioning.
Wow. Do LPOD readers have suggestions?

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