September 11, 2013

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A Hearth in the Triade

image by Raffaele Barzacchi

A heart in the triade...this is what I saw this time. With this image I do not want to make too many descriptions of lunar structures. But I want to speak of poetry related to astronomy. When I developed this mosaic of 3 images of the beautiful triade of Ptolemaeus, Alphonsus and Arzachel, I am impressed by the crater Gylden just to the right of Herschel crater that is two-thirds in the shade at the top of the image. The good definition of the crater Gylden found its structure in the shape of heart. So poetry has taken over...and imagination made me think of how many wonderful shapes are present on the lunar crust. Some people have imagined the Moon as a place of lost dreams... I also see passion and love. A heart in the Moon ... what a wonderful thought.

Raffaele Barzacchi

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