September 10, 2014

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Rilles, Ejecta and Maybe Domes

image by Valter Luna, Novi Ligure (AL) - Italy

New LPOD contributor Valter Luna has created a large mosaic full of details. The low light and the processing (which I adjusted a little) beautifully displays features that might otherwise be missed. The entire area is full of rilles, including in Gassendi and crossing the ejecta west of it. The youngest rilles are probably the Doppelmayer ones that cut Mare Humorum basalts, which are younger than the Orientale ejecta that makes tightly spaced hills and ridges well seen west of Mersenius. And even the rilles within that domed floor crater are visible. Two massive crater wall segments also stand out with this illumination - the east rim of Zupus, and the eastern rim remnant of a degraded crater just west of Fournier. And on the lava-covered floor of that old crater is an apparent dome, but LRO QuickMap altimetry shows no elevation there. Although the hint of a dome on the floor of Vieta does have a 25-50 m rise with the altimetry.

Chuck Wood
Note: This is one of the rare LPODs made with a Meade telescope.

Technical Details
2014/09/06. Optics: SC Meade 254/2500; Mounting: SkyWatcher NEQ6 SynScan; Camera: ASI 120MM; Filter: R - Baader Planetarium; Software: AutoStakkert (stack) - Registax (wavelet).

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