October 7, 2014

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Who is the Woman in the Moon?

image by Cordula Bachmann, Germany

I've come back from giving a political talk, tired but pleased with how it went, and found this fascinating image on Facebook. It was posted by Cordula so I am assuming she took the photo and am acknowledging her for it - if I am wrong someone please let me know. This is a Moon display at the Wilhelm-Foerster-Sternwarte and Planetarium am Insulane in Berlin. One of the prize possessions is the Berliner Mond-Atlas that leaders of the Berlin Moon Observers group produced and later made available digitally. I think the bright sheet of paper in the foreground is the map shown below. I have never seen this map before. It looks homemade and I don't know if a printed version exists. I am sure Cordula can tell us!

Tuesday morning update from Helmbrecht Haberl: The moon-map, shown in the second picture, is an integral part of the "Berliner Mond-Atlas". I ordered my copy in 1973. On top of all the photos in the box there was the "Übersichtskarte zum Berliner Mond-Atlas" (=Outline map). On the photographic prints there are no labels. Just on the rear side is some information as terminator, three or four names of lunar formations you can see on the front side and other items (instrument, dates, and so on). The outline map is a useful device for beginners in moon observation to identify the most important features. Thank you, Helmbrecht!

Chuck Wood


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