October 7, 2013

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Not Quite Crypto

image by Gérard Coute

While Jocelyn imaged Bailly (in poor condition I can confirm) I traveled through this volcanic region in the south west of the Moon. I was surprised by the heterogeneous distribution of volcanic activity, perhaps similar with the area of Mare Australe, visible the same day I took this image. Then I noticed that the patches of lava could be aligned along a circular shape following 2 4 6 5 3. Is this an indication of a circular invisible fault or an elucubration due to the heat we have now in France?

Gérard Coute
Note from CAW: elucubration? I love LPODs that teach me new words!
Probably not a circular fault; some of the lava ponds are in the moat between rings of the Humorum Basin, and others are from a more extensive area of buried lava or cryptomaria covered by Orientale ejecta.

Technical Details
July 21, 2013 21 h 02 UT Mewlon 210 prime focus Registax processing, 300i/3000, IR pro 742 filter.

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