October 7, 2012

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Stunning Serenitatis

image by Claude Navarro, Toulouse, France

Is this the best ever terrestrial image of Serenitatis? I think it probably is. The extraordinary resolution across a wide range of illumination angles is remarkable, a match for the recent image of Tranquillitatis - perhaps we will get similar great views of all maria. Rilles can be seen all around the mare, reflecting bending at the edges due to subsidence of the center. Notice how large and sharp Linné is, the clear eastern edge of the Valentine Dome, and - if you know where to look - the bird's foot shape of Aratus CA. One of the most important things an image can do is make you see things in new ways. This one makes me wonder if the rilles that cuts Imbrium ejecta on the north side of Serenitatis, apparently continuing the trend of the straight part of the Calippus Rille, are related to the main Bürg Rille? The two rilles do not connect, and the missing part is where the ejecta seems thin so it might be expected to be there if it exists. Nearly everywhere this view enlarges understanding of the Mare Serenitatis region - a magnificent image, Claude!

Chuck Wood

Technical Details
Oct/05/2012. C14 + Basler 1300 + IR Pass 685 filter. 6 videos were processed with Registax 6. The final mosaïc was realized with Photoshop. Sorry, I missed Pliny ! :)

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