October 4, 2021

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Peek a Boo

Originally published December 5, 2011 LPOD-Dec5-11.jpg
GOES East image submitted by Mike Mattei

Mike Mattei writes about the image he sent: Each day I check the weather to see what the day will be like, some times I’ll do daytime observing, otherwise it's night observing. Today while checking the satellite weather image I see the Moon peeking over the limb of the Earth, a space eye view from the geostationary GOES weather satellite, I have never seen this before in my everyday weather watching. The image was taken around 11:45 am UT on Dec 4, 2011.
I think this is an image of the Moon - what else could it be? But I haven't checked its size, phase or looked to see if its position is correct for the date and time. And I can't find this image on the NOAA servers to look for higher resolution. What evidence can LPOD readers find to reassure me that this LPOD really does include the Moon?

Chuck Wood
Thx to Maurice for his excellent 2 days of LPOD!

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