October 4, 2014

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Rover Trip

image from Lunaserv/Paul Spudis/Air & Space magazine

Its always a good time for a field trip, so Paul Spudis has laid out one he'd like to take on the Moon. He starts at the Apollo 11 site, which he calls the greatest historical landmark on the Moon, and then moseys northward toward the pole. His article briefly describes the places he'd like to stop, including things newly learned from LRO and classic targets such as the floor of Posidonius that has a windy rille that doesn't know what to do with itself. He also talks of what might be there, such as mining operations, in the future when his tour might reasonable occur. I like this concept and invite LPOD readers to design their own tours and send them to me with a relatively short LPOD text of highlights. As an addition to your own websites a tour could be further enhanced by making each stop - the green dots above - be clickable and leading to an enlarged image of that stop. This metaphor of a trip would be a good way to give a talk, for everyone knows of the excitement of a trip and the possibility of new adventures along the way.

Chuck Wood

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