October 4, 2012

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Debate Moon

image by Peter Rosén, Stockholm, Sweden

I have lost track of how many moonrises I have photographed during the years but I am as thrilled every time. Just as observing the Moon through a telescope is always a new and unique experience, even after almost 40 years (I started in 1973). Yesterday evening I waited on a bridge for almost one hour for the Moon to appear from behind the clouds. It was also hazy so I had no big hope for such a beautiful scenery. But once again, just like magic... there it is and the last piece of the puzzle falls into place. And as usual, many people stopped by for a chat about the beauty of the scene.

Peter Rosén
Note from Chuck - Thx, Peter, for providing a perfect image and text that allows me to free up the evening to watch the US Presidential debate! How is this the perfect image for the debate? It is illuminating and offers a wide view.

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