October 31, 2014

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image compiled by Jocelyn Sérot, France

ILUJ - l'image lunaire du jour - has just ended four years of translation of LPOD into French. J. Sérot, C. Navarro, G. Coute, A. Moutet have split the translation duties for 1130 LPODs that have appeared since October 2009. As a goodbye, Jocelyn Sérot, the initiator of the ILUJ effort, has assembled those images into this homage that is today's LPOD. I love this image and recognizing some of the images that make it up. But more so I thank Jocelyn, Claude, Gérard and Alexandre for their dedicated work that brought LPOD to French speakers everywhere, both experts and those who enjoy the challenge of understanding another language. Here is the link to the final ILUJ. The ILUJ texts will be preserved in a website - I'll announce details later. ILUJ was a daily treat. For now, I say merci and au revoir!

Chuck Wood

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Tomorrow's LPOD: Don't Believe Everything On the Big Screen


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