October 3, 2013

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Part of an Unseeable Universe

image by Howard Eskildsen

Few people see this part of the Moon at this phase. It requires getting up before dawn and having a clear view towards the eastern horizon. As I get older I've found that getting up before dawn has gone from being nearly impossible to almost unstoppable (whether I want to or not). But I live on the western side of a north-south running Main St. in a small town with facing buildings and hills totally blocking the lower 25°-30° to the east. To see that sky requires not just lugging a telescope from the back yard to a front sidewalk but getting in car and driving somewhere. Thus, that time & place of the universe remains unaccessible to me. So I appreciate Howard's image and hope you do too. (I assume everyone can identify at least one crater here - its almost unfamiliar terrain and not easy.)

Chuck Wood
Sorry for the delay - I completed this last night but forgot to post it!

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