October 3, 2008

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Ups And Downs

image by Richard Bosman

This is an interesting image because of two types of features - things that go down and things that go up. There are two families of secondary craters here. One group is elongated from lower right to upper left - towards their source, Copernicus. The second band of secondaries, also from Copernicus, are aligned across the image, above Gambart C, the bigger of the two largest craters. South of Gambart C is a large relatively flat dome. It lacks a central pit and probably is the type of feature I've called a swell - it formed by lava pushing up surface rocks rather than erupting onto the surface. A second interesting littler bump occurs in the 11 o'clock position two crater diameters away from C. This could be a rather small steep-sided volcanic dome, or perhaps it is a small piece of Imbrium ejecta like the hilly material on the left and right sides of the image. I apologize for not writing more but I watched the US vice-presidential debate, which confirmed who I will vote for. And tomorrow I will be traveling to Boston so may not get to post a new LPOD - we'll see.

Chuck Wood

(Thanks Richard for identifying this image as yours - it's an excellent one!)

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