October 27, 2013

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Ancient Fracastorius

image by Jocelyn Serot, France

In echo to yesterday's LPOD, here's a view including the Apollo 11 (and also Surveyor 5) landing site(s). While annotating it, and looking at the Hypatia rilles, it just occured to me that the "coastal" region north of Hypatia shows a broad semi-circular shape (in blue). Could it be that an old crater is hiding there, with the north section of its rim buried under the lavas of M. Tranquillitatis and its south part veneered by the ejecta from the corresponding basin (some kind of Fracastorius, at a larger scale)?

Jocelyn Serot
CAW Note: Yes, that probably is a Fracastorius type crater, tipped toward the basin which later filled with lava. In the System of Lunar Craters we interpreted this feature as extending (bottom right corner of map) a little further to the east.

Technical Details
2013-10-24, 3h48 UT. C11 @ f/d=19 (E=0.14"/pixel). R filter. Basler 1300 cam. Processing: AS!2 +RS6 + PS2.

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