October 25, 2013

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All the Landings

YouTube video by lunarmodule5

The exploration highpoint of the last 500 years was the landing of Apollo spacecraft on the Moon. This happened 6 times, each a nail-biting ride to the surface with astronauts who risked their lives, with possible death only seconds away, and we got to hear it live through NASA TV, and once the missions returned safely, to see the descent landing camera, out the window, footage. Each event was momentus and unique because of the different crews and the near surface details of the landing sites. Someone called lunarmodule5 has combined all 6 landing sequences, with reorientation of the videos to make them similar, and tied them to the audio tracks. Somehow seeing them simultaneously heightens the excitement and thrill of the magnificent achievement of a time before about half the people on Earth were born. Anything that happens before a person's birth is hearsay, or mythical, to them. Perhaps that is why there are so many young people who question the lunar landings: how could that have happened way back then when we can't even send a rocket to the space station today?

Chuck Wood

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