October 23, 2012

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Silent Stalker

Image by Norman Izett Whakatane Astronomical Society, New Zealand

Norman took this great image of the Earthshine lit Moon on Oct 19th and had this to say "It's quite interesting to see the Moon's eastward motion against the back ground stars and I realised after that at 13 seconds exposure, I might be compromising sharpness!!! Notice how much the increased sunlight burns out the image now on image 36 (below) and the dramatic movement of the moon against the stars!" I also enjoy watching the Moon move against background bright stars as it stalks its prey, silently moving through the night.


Maurice Collins

Technical Details
80mm Williams Optics telescope Sony A-65 24Mp DSLR at ISO 100; 13s exp. 19 October 2012, 07h 44m 54s UT

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