October 21, 2007

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A Wonderful Corner


image byOscar Canales Moreno, Pinsoro, Spain

Often LPOD focuses on a single crater, but all lunar features are in a context, a region defined by a large structure like a basin, or simply in a single field of view. Oscar has captured one of these regional scenes that concatenates a variety of landforms into one pleasing view. This image, stretching from Atlas and Hercules (the smaller one) in the foreground, past Endymion to Mare Humboldtianum on the limb, is one of the most beautiful corners of the Moon. Atlas is a floor-fractured crater with rilles and dark pyroclastic deposits, and Endymion is a grand, Plato-like crater with a skating rink smooth floor. Humboldtianum’s mare floor - crossed diagonally by a ray - is easy to see, but its large outer rim is more difficult to spot even though it extends from near the top-left to bottom-right of the image. What makes this mosaic so wonderful is the absolute sharpness all across the field of view - I never get visual views so good!

Chuck Wood

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