October 18, 2007

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North of the Pole

image by ESA/SMART-1 AIME camera. The left edge of the mosaic is generally pointing towards the Earth-facing lunar hemisphere and the right edge points toward the farside.

Beyond the north pole, on the far side of the Moon, are Plaskett and Rozhdestvensky (Roz), while Hermite lies right of the limb. Hermite is image of Plaskett, but on the SMART-1 image the feature just appears as a bright ridge along the bottom edge of the crater floor. The bright peak on the floor of Roz is so far off center that I wonder if Roz is actually two large overlapping craters with a missing wall? Notice how the upper rim seems to have a smaller radius of curvature than the bottom half.

Chuck Wood

Note: My laptop computer’s hard drive is dead and all the submitted images for LPOD are gone, please re-submit any recent images - and more new ones! Thanks!

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