October 17, 2012

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Thumbnailed Moon

image by Miguel Claro, Portugal

As soon as I saw this I flashed back to the French knotted Moon. This is a similar view of large pixels defining the familiar, but in this case every pixel is a world inself. Miguel composed this mosaic from 170 different photographs that he took over the last years, some have already appeared as LPODs. His images depict many differents aspects of the night sky, including alignments between planets, conjunctions with the Moon, eclipses, startrails, moontrails, the Milky Way etc. This is all the more remarkable because it was created manually in Photoshop rather than with a program that automatically assembles it. It think it is also the most photos of the Moon ever shown in a single LPOD.

Chuck Wood

Technical Details
The composition was made manually in Photoshop, using the thumbnails of my Facebook gallery.

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