October 10, 2014

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Feeble Light

image by Maurice Collins, New Zealand

Well last night was the lunar eclipse, and I did get to see it. Unfortunately I didn't get any decent images, but will show what I managed to salvage. It was cloudy with clear spaces from time to time here. The view through binoculars was nice, not so nice through my little ETX which couldn't grab much feeble light. I tried some afocal shots through it with a 32mm eyepiece at 11:53pm which I have made into a montage (they are a bit blurred). It was quite dark, and not easily seen in the ETX but there were thin clouds most of the time, but it looked ok in binoculars and naked eye. Not sure what danjon I would rate it, I agree with the estimates I've seen so far of 2 or 3. Not as good as the last eclipse from here where it was nice and clear until after mid-eclipse. This time round I kept taking the ETX back inside when it clouded over as couldn't tell if it was going to rain or not. I gave up around 12:30pm where it looked pretty solid cloud. Anyway, least we saw it and it was nice!

Maurice Collins

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