October 1, 2013

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West View

image by Maximilian Teodorescu, Dumitrana (Ilfov), Romania

Looking at an image from an unusual perspective allows different things

to be recognized. In this panoramic view by Max north is to the right, and one thing that pops out is the elongated plateau (#4 in the annotated image). This is part of the elevated rim of the Nectaris Basin and Mt Penck is just off the bottom of the image near the bottom-most dash. Kant is the shadow-filled crater and this elevated area is also informally known to geologic mappers as the Kant Plateau. It does contain some anorthosite and may be a part of the early crust uplifted by the Nectaris impact. There are other numbered features here that I had planned to describe but didn't get to - I suppose many of you can figure out what is interesting about them.
Chuck Wood

Technical Details
September 25, 2013, 03:05 U.T. C 11 @F/25, 2x barlow, ASI 120MM,
IR-pass filter (685nm), 2000 frames out of 6000. Seeing: 5/10. Mosaic of 3 images.

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