November 9, 2015

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Maps on Discs

Originally published November 8, 2004


Image Credit: Peter Grego

Maps on Discs

Digital technologies are revolutionizing access to lunar information. Webcams and the Internet allow the acquisition of unbelievably excellent lunar images and the nearly instantaneous sharing of them with observers around the globe. Scanners and CDs and DVDs allow the preservation and dissemination of old lunar atlases too. The latest to distribute information this way is Peter Grego, who has made available the complete set of Lunar Aeronautical Charts from the 1960s, and H. Percy Wilkins' famous but rarely seen 300" Moon map of 1946. Peter sells these products (as well as CDs of the Consolidated Lunar Atlas and a print version of the LACs) at his eBay store - the CDs are £5.00 and bidding is not required. At these prices Peter does not make much profit but he does a service in getting this older material in the hands - oops, CD drives - of today's observers.

Chuck Wood

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