November 9, 2012

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Own a Piece of the Moon

image from Lunar & Planetary Institute

You can buy lunar meteorites, certificates (fake) of lunar real estate and now accurate models of Tycho and Linné. Staff at the Lunar and Planetary Institute in Houston processed LRO topographic data so that the company can use 3-D printers to make models. Tycho and Schrödinger have been available for a while and now Linné has been added added, with more types of lunar features on the way. The company also has a series of models of terrestrial landscapes, especially volcanoes and even individual Hawaaian islands. The Linné model is 20 cm wide and cost $90; Tycho is 25 cm across and is $160. I must point out that Howard Fink has produced dozens of 3-D lunar models over the last few years. All of these models are perfect for use in classrooms, astronomy club lectures, and even as desktop reminders of our favorite nightime activity.

Chuck Wood

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