November 6, 2021

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A Pleasant Stroll

Originally published December 23, 2011 LPOD-Dec23-11.jpg
east up image by Maximilian Teodorescu

High resolution telescopic and spacecraft images often reveal new features, but wide view images like this are a special delight because they remind us of memorable times at the eyepiece. And each time I see many things of interest. Often when I look at an image I checkoff the known features, like the Hyginus and Ariadaeus rilles and the troughs and smeared ridges north of Hyginus. A little south of center are the hills of Descartes and the Abulfeda crater chain, which seems to extend nearly to the Altai Scarp. Each observer will have their own favorite features that they check to make sure they are still there, but other intriguing things stand out too. Here I am reminded that I never did investigate if the curved boundary of the mare southeast of Triesnecker is part of an ancient large crater. And in preparation for Christmas, Max points out the famous lunar X at bottom right.

Chuck Wood

Technical Details
December 2, 1011, 18:00-18:40 U.T. 80mm ED Refractor, F/7.5, Televue Powermate 2.5x barlow, DBK 41 AU02.AS with UV/IR cut
filter, mosaic of 8 frames, each a 3000 images stack.

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Sometime readers ask that the features mentioned in LPOD be named on the images. I don't like disfiguring images with words -
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