November 28, 2008

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More Limb Peaks

image by Maciek Michalunio, Frombork, Poland

In yesterday's LPOD of Drygalski by Oliver Pettenpaul I commented on the visible peaks in the area and said they were little known. If I had looked at an earlier LPOD I would have seen that they had been imaged before by Tom Bash and that I had even extended Ewen Whitaker's image by Maciek appeared on the LPOD Photo Gallery that adds more light on the area with slightly different illumination than either Oliver's or Tom's views. The peak with the prominent shadow just to the left of Drygalski is Whitaker's M3, with M4 and the longer M5 behind it; M1 is the peak with the long shadow tail to the left. If you look at the annotated version of Tom's image you will see that I named all the peaks in front of and a little to the right of Drygalski, with M16 and M17 being the western-most two. On Maciek's image two more peaks are seen on the limb to the right of Drygalski. The ridge-like one closest to the crater I now give the designation M18, and the bright one closer to the right edge is M19. Between these two, and closer to us is an elongated ridge casting a shadow, which is, I think, the rim of Boltzmann. Maciek has another image that continues along the rim to Hausen. This reveals two more large and parallel ridges just south (left) of Hausen. They appear on the Clementine Atlas plate 143. Yesterday I said that all these mountains aren't part of the rim of the South Pole-Aitken Basin, but if they aren't, why are they here? It would be valuable to project a hemispheric image of the Moon, centered on SPA, and then look to see if these mountains fall on a broad circle/rim.
Chuck Wood

Technical Details
10.14.2008; 19:22:18 UT (approximately one hour to full moon and one day after Oliver's shot). C11 (F20) + Vac-135 Camera + IRpass filter.

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