November 24, 2014

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More Moore

cover and sample page from Features of the Near Side Moon

Over the last 11 years LPOD has promoted a few dozen new (and old) Moon books, atlases, globes and even a video or so. Here is a final one. It may come as a surprise to some that a selenographer named Moore is still publishing books about the Moon. Not the late Patrick Moore, but John Moore of Ireland. John has just introduced his third lunar volume, the first was an atlas and the second described nearside craters. The new volume, Features of the Near Side Moon complements the second book by providing photos, maps and basic data for each named non-crater feature on the nearside. This encyclopedic approach is similar to The Moon Wiki but includes uniform and high quality images and maps from LRO data, and its in a handy book format - no waiting to logon. John's new book is ideal to quickly find information about a mare ridge, rille, mountain, palus, maria or any of the 10 other official IAU named features.

Chuck Wood
Note that I still solicit nominations of past great LPOD images to fill out December. I am thinking about 3 LPODs from each of the 11 years.

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