November 23, 2018

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Originally published September 9, 2009 LPOD-Sept9-09.jpg
image by Ladányi Tamás, Hungary

Yesterday, this and another image were submitted to LPOD showing religious buildings with a Moon behind them. We have had other LPODs that are similar, whether the religion is current or long gone. I never get submissions of a Moon rising behind a shopping mall, investment bank or cineplex, although bridges, engineering structures have been in some foregrounds. Is the Moon more naturally linked to religious structures because the Moon was long ago a heavenly body worthy of worship? Do we still harbor a deep reverential memory of lunar goddesses? Or is it simply that religious buildings commonly have interesting architecture? True, but so do many modern, non-religious structures. This discussion may suggest that I am seeking more photos of the Moon behind various human artifacts. That is not true. Even though these pictures are postcard beautiful, LPOD is mostly about the Moon itself, mostly its geology, and some about the history of its exploration and even its interplay with light. There is probably only room in LPOD for one beautiful image like this every month or so - please keep sending them, but not too many!

Chuck Wood

Technical Details
Moonrise over the famous Benedictine Archabbey of Tihany, Hungary. 6th of September 2009. 5,6/400 Canon L lens with 1/10 - 1/40 sec exposure range.

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