November 23, 2012

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Every Direction is North

south up image by Jocelyn Serot, France

I remember having read somewhere on LPOD that the libration for the South Pole would be favorable around late October. Indeed, it was 5°59' (in latitude of course). Not exceptional, but just enough to have a glance at the Pole itself (or, more exactly, the place it is supposed to be). It also provides a nice view of the north rim of Malapert and of twins Newton-A. I guess that the small peak emerging from darkness at upper right is M5, but am not sure of this. Finding one's way is not trivial in this region. I therefore took time to make an annotated version of the image, with the latitude and longitude circles approximately drawn (I used the Virtual Atlas of the Moon to do this). Colors are used to attach lettered craters to their named parent.

Jocelyn Serot

Technical Details
Oct 24, 2012; 19-50. DK300_F_IR742_DMK_15FPS_G750_E54_g10_ST300_RB_ann

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