November 22, 2007

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Two Ancient Moons

image from eBay

Rarely does an original Moon map from the 18th century appear on the market. This is a famous one by Doppelmayr that is being auctioned on eBay - the bid is now $810 and you have until about 3 PM Thursday if you want to make an offer. This is the Moon sheet from Doppelmayr’s 1742 Atlas Novus Coelestis. It is remarkable for showing views of both of the first two lunar charts with nomenclature, by Hevelius and Riccioli. The chart is detailed enough to read all of the nomenclature so that you can easily compare Hevelius’ discarded names with Riccioli’s accepted ones. On the website of the seller of the map, Antigua Global Art there is a viewer that allows parts of the map to be viewed in high enough resolution to read the names. This is a great resource for the historian of the Moon who can’t afford the actual map!

Chuck Wood

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