November 20, 2023

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A Dog's Breakfast

Originally published November 5, 2013 LPOD-Nov5-13.jpg
image by Kerryn Murphy, Perth, Western Australia

I imaged last months Lunation 1123. Weather wise, the month was more Winter than Spring, but determination brought about my best lunation so far, one phase missing. I have included the lunation, though being hand-held, it looks a dog's breakfast with change of disc size and my position at the eyepiece. When there is only brief gaps in the cloud, my consciousness to the fine detail lapses. I hope you enjoy them :)

:) Kerryn Murphy

Technical Details
My images are all single shots. Scope - 8" Dobsonian. Camera - Canon IXUS, hand held to a 20mm eyepiece and zoom in for close up :)

Yesterday's LPOD: Moon Eats Sun

Tomorrow's LPOD: A Stiletto's Gap And Archimedes' Bench


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