November 20, 2016

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LPOD Enters Year Four!

Originally published January 1, 2007

image by George Tarsoudis, Alexandroupolis, Greece

January 1, 2004 saw the beginning of an audacious enterprise. Could there be a daily website devoted solely to the Moon? Would there be enough good images? Would visitors keep returning to see them? Would there be something new to say every day? Surprisingly, the answer to all these questions is Yes! LPOD was started because of the impressive quality of amateur imaging at the end of 2003, and the quality has steadily improved ever since, with more than 100 contributors having submitted images. Comprehensive indicies are available, and I have made a simple feature name index covering the last 6 months. Other material has snuck into the leftmost menus too - take a look. Since mid-February LPOD has been supported by revenue from Google ads and the Amazon Associate program. Google has brought in $1423(!) and LPOD supporters have purchased 133 items, earning $144! I thank all of you for clicking ads and buying books (the most frequently purchased being The Modern Moon!). In 2007 I hope to use these funds to create a Best of LPOD book with about 100 images. And every night I will check my email inbox to see what images might have been submitted for the next day’s LPOD. Thanks for continuing to share your best images with LPOD and the 1400 people who visit every day. Happy New Year!

Chuck Wood

Technical Details:
This photo is a composite of 2 images. The first is the star trails on 24 July 2006 around the North Celestial Pole, 173 images at ISO 400 about 3 hours exposures with stop steps 30sec. Camera EoS 350d 18mm-55mm lens at the photographic tripod. Image stack with program startrails and final image processing in the Photoshop. I used one dark frame. The second image of the Moon taken with LXD-75 8″ SC at the prime focus with focal reducer f6.3 and Canon EoS 350d at ISO 400.

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