November 20, 2015

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The Future of LPOD

Originally published December 1, 2004


Image Credit: Gary Seronik

The Future of LPOD

An eclipse makes visible the change of the Moon's position as it continually orbits Earth. Change is a constant in all things and LPOD is about to undergo a significant change. My family and I are moving to Nicaragua in January, 2005. We are going there for a number of reasons: to find a cheaper place to live, to enjoy the adventure of living in a new culture, to provide our 16 year old son an eye-opening experience, to escape the conservative USA, and to have a chance to help the people of Nicaragua. I will be involved in studying the active volcanoes there and maybe in teaching. I will have a low to medium speed Internet connection which may or may not allow me to continue LPOD. Because of this uncertainty, LPOD will stop having new images and captions on Jan 1, 2005. Instead LPOD will have an index of all the features shown during the 366 (leap year!) days of 2004 so that it will be valuable as a reference. I hope that I will get settled and the Internet connection is fast enough to resume LPOD. In the meantime there are 30 more days of December and I have a few great images to use, but request folks to send me more - this could be your last chance to star in LPOD!

Chuck Wood

Technical Details:
Oct 27, 2004. Questar 3.5-inch and Nikon D70

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Author & Editor:
Charles A. Wood



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