November 20, 2008

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Half the Henrys

image by Mikhail Abgarian, Yuri Goryachko & Konstantin Morozov, Minsk, Belarus. (north to the right)

The terrain between the Humorum and Orientale basins is dominated by Orientale's ejecta. Thick and lumpy flow texture ejecta deeply buries much of the topography at the top of this new image from the Minsk Miracle Imagers. The broad crater at upper right (Darwin) has ropy ejecta flow fronts on the right side and a much smoother fluidized ejecta pond on the left. The broad and low coarse dome on Darwin's floor is well shown. Whether it is actually a volcanic landform or simply some accident of topography isn't clear. Just as the scientist Darwin eclipsed his rival Lamarck, the same thing has happened on the Moon. Lamarck - a feature that probably shouldn't have been given a name - is just left of Darwin and is completely inundated with Orientale ejecta, whose flow texture can be seen on Lunar Orbiter images. Left of center is the 87 km diameter flat-floored Byrgius, with the bright rimmed Byrgius A and D on the near and far rims. A is a bright ray crater. On yes, Henry Freres - almost aways seen with Henry - is at bottom center, but Henry didn't make it onto this image.

Chuck Wood

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